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magician entertaining during the photos


While capturing the smiles of your guests, let your magician entertain the rest...

During the photos

Your guests have fun while the formal shots are being taken 

A wedding magician is a great way to keep people entertained and relaxed while you are pre-occupied with the photographs.  

This stage of the event may take a couple of hours so there’s a lot of waiting around while different groups are assembled for the various formal shots.  Those who know each other will tend to congregate and indulge in small talk, but the time can drag, the conversation can dry up and people may struggle to meet others outside their little circle of acquaintances.  

As an experienced wedding magician I can mingle with the crowd to get people talking and laughing, interacting and joking.  By breaking the ice, drawing people out of themselves and getting different groups to mingle, I build a lively atmosphere before the wedding breakfast and reception – all of which contributes to a more pleasurable experience and a more magical day.



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