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David Willmott Magicians Profile

david_willmott_wedding_magician.jpgA wedding magician who just keeps the laughter coming

You want your wedding day to be truly, madly, deeply amazing – an event that leaves every guest with fond memories which last a lifetime.  

As a professional magician and entertainer I love creating the right chemistry at these hugely important social occasions.  Mingling with your guests I draw them out of themselves with my own unique brand of interactive magic.  In minutes I’ll have them mesmerized and puzzled, amazed and baffled, laughing and joking.  Before long the whole room is buzzing with excitement and curiosity, energy and conversation – a great way to start the party of a lifetime!   

What I bring to the party

  • Magic tricks that intrigue and delight people of all ages
  • Innovative ideas that get everyone thinking and talking
  • Wit and humour which generates improvised jokes and riotous laughter
  • A warm and approachable personality that draws people out of themselves
  • Years of experience in creating entertainment that always goes down a treat
  • An everyday kind of guy who pulls some jaw-dropping tricks 
  • Relaxed manner perfected by doing over 50 weddings each year
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What guests remember most – for 82% it was the entertainment.

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