Let your special day be a magical one.

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Magicians for Weddings

Unique Wedding Entertainment


Spellbinding entertainment for your special day

It’s the most magical day of your life – a fairytale celebration of ceremony and theatre where you write the script and take centre stage.  You’ll obviously want it to be a truly unique expression of your own personality, taste and love, a spellbinding event that every guest talks about for years and years to come with a glint in their eye and a smile on their face.

There’s quite an art to achieving this and one of the keys to success is ensuring there’s never a dull moment.  That’s why magicians for weddings are worth their weight in gold.  During the photographs, between courses at the wedding breakfast and waiting for the reception to get going, the atmosphere can go a little flat – and it’s at these moments that you need an injection of magic to keep everyone enchanted, enthralled and entertained.  

Also, most of the guests will never have met before, plus there’ll be a huge range of ages, personalities and backgrounds.  This means that breaking the ice is another piece of magic that needs performing at regular intervals - there’s nothing like a few   a few tricks and jokes to get everyone mingling and in the party mood. 

Hiring a magician at a wedding promises to be an unforgettable experience to add to the excitement of your special day. 
What can I say? I thought that your act was absolutely exceptional and I think you may well have been the most talked about part of the incredible day. Apologies for not having a proper chance to have a chat and thank you so much for such brilliant entertainment... I think some people are still baffled now! The fabulous day was followed by a wonderful honeymoon thanks so much for adding to the occasion I booked you. Garth & Beckie Williams

photo_magic.pngFun during the photos

Let me keep the guests amused while the formal photos are being taken.

table_magic.pngAmazement over breakfast

I’ll make sure everyone is entertained between courses.

evening_magic.pngA magical reception

An evening where there’s never a dull moment and it’s fun for all.